September 2014

September 2014

Hunting season is in full swing for the 2014 season. We finished up a great archery season and we are now gearing up for the rifle seasons to begin. Overall, we had a very successful archery season. We had a great group of hunters this year and overall our success rate was very good. We had two muzzleloader hunters this year and the rest were archery hunters. Our elk success rate for archery and muzzleloader was 77%. Our shot opportunity was over 100%. Some of our hunters had multiple shot opportunities before taking their elk.

A few of our archery hunters brought a video person along with them to film their hunt. This resulted in some great footage, some of which I have posted to the website. Also, be sure to check out the Rocking R Hunting channel on YouTube. I have uploaded some of the videos to that channel. It was a lot of fun watching the videos of the hunts because it allowed us to relive many of the exciting encounters.

The elk numbers were excellent during archery season. The bugling and rutting activity was quite impressive during September with most of the elk hunters saying that they have never experienced that amount of bugling before. The weather this year was fairly strange in that it was hot and dry for a lot of September. Then, the last two days of the season brought huge rains and terrible wind. The weather conditions made it a little challenging. However, overall the conditions were manageable and the hunting was very productive.   We are proud of our 77% success rate.

None of our archery hunters had buck or bear tags so we hunted elk exclusively during September. We saw quite a few bears during our archery season. Also, we have seen quite a few bucks with a couple of really big bucks being spotted multiple times. I am hoping that some of our rifle deer hunters get a chance to take some of the big bucks during 2nd and 3rd rifle seasons. We have some rifle hunters with bear tags as well which will hopefully help keep the bear population in check.

Fall is definitely here. Colors are vibrant and the Lone Cone had a very nice blanket of snow a few days ago. Looking forward to an exciting rifle season.